Left for Dead, But Not Forgotten: Eliza’s Incredible Journey to a Second Chance

From Despair to Hope

Eliza’s story begins with tragedy. She had been struck by a car and left by the roadside, injured and broken. “Eliza was broken on the inside and out. She couldn’t walk,” shares Annie, who would later become Eliza’s savior and adoptive mom. The distressed canine was discovered and brought to a local kill shelter by a compassionate passerby.

Dog hit by a car and left for dead

Annie recalls the severity of Eliza’s injuries, “She originally broke her right hip. It was fractured in several places.” However, the list didn’t end there. Eliza had sustained a fracture in her left hip, suffered a bruised right lung, and was riddled with various worms and parasites. Malnourished and in a critical state, Eliza’s prospects were grim.

Community to the Rescue

Rocky Kanaka, an animal advocate, points out that Eliza’s journey to recovery wasn’t just a medical challenge but a financial one. The costs associated with her treatment were significant. However, Eliza’s heartbreaking story touched many hearts. Annie recounts, “People were just crazy about this dog. In about 72 hours, I raised about $5,000.” This generous support enabled Annie to consult an orthopedic vet specialist who immediately recognized the need for a femoral head ostectomy – a major hip surgery.

Steps Towards Healing

Dog hit by a car and left for dead

The turning point in Eliza’s recovery journey came on a special day. “On Christmas day, she took her first steps,” Annie says with a chuckle. Watching Eliza muster the strength to walk again was the moment Annie knew she had to adopt her. Over time, Eliza’s physical wounds began to heal. “It took her about a month to walk without a limp and about six months to run,” Annie shares.

Overcoming Emotional Scars

Yet, as Eliza’s physical injuries started to heal, her emotional trauma remained evident. Annie observed, “From the moment I got her, I could tell she had trauma with things around her neck.” Eliza’s past abuse was clear, most likely involving being dragged or chained by her neck. This traumatic history made it challenging for Annie to get a collar on her, “I had to let her chew up a couple of collars just so she could kind of get that anxiety out.”

The Power of Trust and Companionship

Dog hit by a car and left for dead is recovering

Macy, Eliza’s canine sister, played a pivotal role in her recovery. “Macy really taught Eliza how to be a dog,” says Annie. Macy’s own background as a rescue dog made her empathetic towards Eliza’s fears. Annie recounts a memorable day, “I was taking Macy on a walk and I went to put a leash on Eliza, and then she looked up at me and licked the top of my hand. She was like, ‘All right, let’s go.'” That moment marked a significant breakthrough for Eliza, a testament to the healing power of trust and love.

An Inspiring Journey

Dog hit by a car and left for dead is recovering

Eliza’s story is a testament to the strength of community support, the resilience of animals, and the transformative power of love and trust. From being left for dead to finding a forever home filled with love, Eliza’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

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