Japanese man spends $15,700 to become a rough collie

Meet Toco, the extraordinary Japanese man who has brought his childhood dream to life in the most unexpected way. From a young age, he reminisces about dreaming of being a hero or a wizard, but one particular dream stood out – the desire to be a dog and roam freely outside. “Do you remember your dreams from when you are little? You want to be a hero or a wizard,” he wrote, describing his life-dog dream as seemingly “unrealistic.”

Toco’s journey into his unique hobby began with a poignant memory of writing in his grade school graduation book, expressing his wish to become a dog and experience the world from a canine perspective. Last year, he opened up about his longstanding fascination with the idea of becoming an animal, a dream that had been with him since childhood.

man becomes a dog
Source: youtube.com/@I_want_to_be_an_animal

In a video posted online, Toco candidly answered a series of questions, reflecting on how this dream had always lingered in the back of his mind. Finally, he decided to turn his childhood fantasy into reality, and the results have been nothing short of astounding. “When I fulfilled that dream, this is how it turned out,” he wrote in the clip, embracing his new identity as a collie, a breed he chose due to its negligible size difference with humans.

Now, Toco spends his days donning a life-size, custom-made, and hyperrealistic dog costume, fully immersing himself in the role of a canine. His videos portray a delightful mix of ordinary dog behaviors like walking on all fours, greeting others with a paw, and rolling on the floor. The authenticity and attention to detail in his costume have impressed many viewers, while others find the whole situation peculiar and bizarre.

man becomes a dog
Source: youtube.com/@I_want_to_be_an_animal

Throughout his channel, we witness Toco’s dog-like escapades, playing, pretending to eat dog food, and even donning adorable dog clothes. But beyond his life as a dog, Toco also ventures into the realm of human activities, showcasing a playful and imaginative blend of both worlds. He sips on coke, plays table tennis, and writes, offering a captivating contrast between his dog persona and human interests.

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As Toco continues to produce videos that captivate audiences worldwide, he reminds us of the power of dreams and the incredible lengths some will go to bring them to life. While opinions on his unique hobby may remain divided, one thing is certain – Toco’s passion for embracing his childhood dream has created a viral sensation that leaves people both fascinated and bewildered.

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