Here’s How You Can Help Dogs In Maui

Roman ???? was with a dog sitter when the fires in Lahaina began on Tuesday. The dog sitter had no choice but to jump into the waters of Lahaina to save them ????????, but he did not jump in with her. Roman ran off terrified down front street. ????

Help Dogs In Maui

On Thursday, Roman was found by Goodfellow Bros staff. Roman was then handed off to a good samaritan ???? and taken to Ma’alaea harbor ⚓, and from there he went with one of our humane enforcement officers to be taken to Maui Humane Society for medical care. ????

Help Dogs In Maui

He was burned on his paws, legs, back, and body. Roman was microchipped ????, we called his owners and they immediately came to the shelter to take their baby boy home. Roman is now safe and with his ohana ????‍????‍????‍???? and doing well according to his owners. ???????? (Repost via Maui Humane Society)

Help Dogs In Maui

In the coming days, weeks, months, Maui’s people and pets are going to need a lot of help. I personally vouch for how amazing the Maui Humane Society team is and even a small donation will go a very long way.

Help Dogs In Maui

Maui is my second home ????️ and I am from Hawaii ???? so this is very important to me and it will mean a lot if this awesome community of pet lovers can help make a massive impact. ❤️????????

Whether you are on island or on the mainland, here’s how you can help:

1. Donate To Maui Humane Society

You can do that directly through my Facebook Page.

Or you can do it directly through Maui Humane Society

2. SOS Fosters

Prior to the fires, Maui Humane Society’s kennels had reached full capacity
again, facilitating the need for “SOS Fosters”. This allows animals to go into temporary housing to make space for those in need. Any resident who has secure space is invited to volunteer to become an SOS Foster, which allows safety for the animal and adds space at the shelter for animals in immediate need of refuge.

3. Donations

Pet food, pop-up kennels, and litter. Those off island can donate directly via our Amazon Wishlist and monetary donations will be crucial to cover the costs of lifesaving medical surgeries and procedures. Much-needed supplies, including pet food, pop-up kennels, and litter, are pivotal to providing sustenance to animals, as staff and volunteers are putting together kits for families and animals in need. Pet food and treats can be used or purchased at Costco, Petco, Safeway. These donations can be dropped off directly at Maui Humane Society. For those on the mainland looking to help, supplies can be delivered directly to us via our Amazon Wishlist and monetary donations will be crucial to cover the costs of the lifesaving medical treatments necessary to save animal lives affected by the fires.

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4. Connecting Community Members:  

Maui Fires Pets Help Group  – To facilitate coordination and support within the Maui community, a mutual help Facebook group, “Maui Fires Pets Help Group,” has been created. This group serves as a platform for individuals who are able to help to connect with those in need, without straining the resources at the shelter. We encourage community members to join this group and collaborate with fellow Maui residents to ensure that animals stay with their owners as much as possible.