Groundbreaking Research Reveals What Dogs Dream About…

There’s a heartwarming feeling that sweeps over us when we catch our furry companions twitching their paws or emitting soft barks during their slumber. As devoted owners, we often wonder what occupies their dreams—do they envision cuddling on the sofa or frolicking through a sunlit meadow alongside their canine pals?

Offering fascinating insights into this age-old question is Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a distinguished clinical and evolutionary psychologist at Harvard Medical School. Her groundbreaking research delves into the enigmatic world of canine slumber, unveiling what dogs are likely dreaming about.

What do Dogs dream about

According to Dr. Barrett, dogs, much like humans, probably dream about their everyday experiences, which suggests a strong likelihood that they dream about their cherished owners.

In an interview with People magazine, she shared:

“Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell, and of pleasing or annoying you.”

Dr. Barrett

While it remains impossible to ascertain the exact contents of a dog’s dream, Dr. Barrett suggests that when their paws or legs twitch, they may be immersed in a dream of running. Similarly, when dogs bark during sleep, they could be interacting with another dog or human in their dream world. These behaviors mirror the human experience of dreaming during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage, which is when dreams predominantly occur.

What do dogs dream about

As with humans, dogs undergo cycles of light, deep, and REM sleep, with the latter being the phase most conducive to dreaming. During REM sleep, which typically commences around 90 minutes into a nap, dreams transpire for humans, and it is plausible to surmise that other animals share this phenomenon.

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Dr. Barrett advises pet owners to enhance their dogs’ dreams by exposing them to positive daytime experiences and providing them with a secure and comfortable sleep environment.

However, when it comes to canine nightmares, the American Kennel Club cautions owners to refrain from rousing their pets, as dogs may react aggressively when abruptly awakened. Echoing this sentiment, the organization advises:

“Not all human dreams are good. We infer that dogs can have nightmares, too. These nightmares are hard to watch. It can be tempting to wake your dog to comfort her, as you would a child, but there are some risks associated with doggy nightmares that you should share with your family. If you’ve ever been woken from a scary dream, you know that it can take a minute to remember where you are and whom you are with.”

the American Kennel Club
What do dogs dream about

Dr. Deirdre Barrett’s illuminating study offers a glimpse into the sleeping minds of our beloved dogs, reinforcing the profound bond shared between canines and their human companions. With these new insights, we can better appreciate the rich inner lives of our furry friends and treasure the joy they derive from their dreams, which are, perhaps, intertwined with the image of our smiling faces and the scent of our unwavering love.

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