DIY Dog Treat Dispenser Instructions:

+50 Items Needed: Cardboard Ruler or measuring tape Hot Glue Gun 3 popsicle sticks Plastic Jar with Lid approximately 32 oz size. 1 piece of paper Tape 2 small rubberbands Directions Using a ruler or measuring tape and blade, we are first going to cut […]

Adopt Bosco

+8310-163 Meet Bosco. He’s a 10 year old Cane Corso and a mellow couch potato who is slightly shy when you first meet him.  But once he gets to know you he wiggles his whole butt and does a happy dance every time he sees […]

Bodhi The Lab Mix Gets His First Thanksgiving

+130 Every dog deserves love and gratitude on Thanksgiving because of the unconditional love they give to us daily. If you saw the video where I was at the shelter THIS IS A TOUGH DECISION (Winky the dog) and saw Bodhi in the dog shelter […]

Golden Retriever Puppy Has Megaesophagus

+510 ABOUT JALAPEÑO Adopt Jalepeño Here: Hal (short for Jalapeño) is a 5-6 month old purebred Golden Retriever puppy who was purchased from a breeder. He was surrendered to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue by his family when they found out he suffers from a […]

Blind Rescue Dog Plays in Ocean For First Time

+1710 MEET GARBANZO ????Apply to adopt Garbanzo here ❤️Donate to help Garbanzo (special needs dogs take 4x longer to adopt) Garbanzo is a 15 month old Border Collie mix who’s about 90% blind and walks a with a little wobble. Rescuers think his blindness may […]

First Christmas

+10 THE CUTEST RESCUE DOGS ALL COMING TOGETHER FOR THEIR FIRST CHRISTMAS. You will not believe how adorable these dogs are even though they had it pretty rough until they were rescued by Marley’s Mutts. Help me raise funds for Marley’s Mutts here: Special […]

Dog Rescue Surprised

+120 The AMAZING reaction was the best when this shelter received every last item on their Amazon Wishlist.Rocky Kanaka’s YouTube community came together to help surprise a shelter with something they have never seen before. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING GIVING […]


+80 Rescue Dog Has First Thanksgiving and Invites His New Friends AMAZING! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. Amazing reactions from these dogs chowing down on their own BarksGiving (Thanksgiving) meals! My dogs have a loving home and really enjoy Thanksgiving but that is not […]

Meet Noel – The Two-Legged Dog

+80 This Dog Will Warm Your Heart  Rocky Kanaka, Emmy-nominated television host, pet rescue advocate and Founder of The Dog Bakery, helps this two-legged dog get a wheel chair,find a loving home AND treats her to her BEST DAY EVER.    Meet Noel…She was found by the side of […]