Emotional Goodbye: Dog Owner Bids Farewell to Baja’s Beloved Stray Dogs

Traveling with your dog may not be as easy as finding them a boarding facility at home, but many dog owners like author and traveler Brianna Madia want to ensure that their furry friends don’t miss out on a thing. Brianna has been traveling with her four dogs–Bucket, Dagwood, Birdie, and Banjo–for several years, but she recently recapped a special trip when two local dogs became an honorary part of the pack. Although the dog owner drove to Baja last winter, she was so sad about saying goodbye to Blue and Brako that it took her half a year to make this heartfelt video.

Emotional Goodbye: Dog Owner Bids Farewell to Baja's Beloved Stray Dogs

How sweet! Blue seems like the perfect host dog for a dog-friendly Airbnb like this, even if she doesn’t technically live there. It turns out that the sibling dogs live nearby, but like most Baja dogs, they get to roam free around the neighborhood. And it sounds like Brianna and her pack aren’t the only friends they’ve been making!

A commenter named Jasmine explained, “OMG, we stayed here! We also had a dog show up–Brako from your video–and play with our fur baby Duke!” Clearly, these smart dogs know where the real fun is. If Blue gets to drag her new pals’ giant dog bed outside and then sleep next to Brianna on her bed, it can’t get much better than that!

What an angel! Even though Blue ended up being Brianna’s new BFF, it’s nice to see her brother, Brako, getting in on the fun and friendship, too. Having a total of six dogs staying in your Airbnb has to be hectic, but there’s no doubt everyone–including pack leader Brianna–was having the time of their lives.

Sadly, this time couldn’t last forever. It’s easy to see why Instagram viewers are so invested in this story, but not everyone understands why the author couldn’t bring the dogs with her.

As different as these dogs’ lives may look, they are living a healthy and normal life for a Baja dog. In many parts of the world, it’s normal for dogs to live and wander outside, and there was no reason for Brianna to intervene. The goodbye may have been heartbreaking, but she’ll get to see them again when she returns in the winter!

Brianna is a long-time dog owner, traveler, and even the author of a memoir about living with her dogs titled Never Leave the Dogs Behind. The pack helped Brianna through major life transitions when they moved into a trailer in the desert Southwest, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this memorable Baja trip makes the cut in her next book. After all–dogs don’t have to be yours to change your life!

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