Dressing Up Dogs like Celebrities (To Help Them Get Adopted!)

-[Rocky Kanaka] Today, I’m gonna be dressing up dogs in iconic looks as famous musicians to help them get adopted. And I’m actually at Frosted Faces Foundation because I thought, what a better place to start than an actual dog rescue?

You’ve seen us do other videos with them like Tinder in real life, Barks giving, they’re just such an amazing group. I think we just gotta look around and see if any of these dogs are up for the challenge. Look, we got some good dogs. Check ’em out.

While looking for dogs to recreate these fashion icon looks I found a true star that I want you to meet. Now, this is Janie. I want to tell you about Janie because when Frosted Faces Foundation started working with her, they noticed that her eyes were really dry, and that problem continued to persist.

So they brought her to an ophthalmologist and they came up with a unique way to help her out, and they actually used some of her saliva ducts in her eyes, so now that waters her eyes, which is absolutely amazing! But it actually does something unique, and when you go to give her treats, she starts to cry. Just like you would salivate, if you had something delicious sitting right in front of you.

Janie has been here Frosted Faces for a year, and we’re hoping that enough people see this video to help her and other dogs get adopted.

Okay, Time to find some fashion icons. I’m a dog rescue guy, so I don’t always have the time to keep up with celebrities, and I definitely don’t have the time to keep up with fashion. But good news, I enlisted the help of my friend, YouTuber and fashion extraordinaire, HauteLeMode.

[Luke Meagher] And honestly, the ruffles, it does sort of add that old timely clown feeling which is really creepy. Cause like no offense, clowns aren’t sexy. They’re not. I’m sorry.

All right, So as Luke is going to be our fashion teacher for the day, he’s gonna advise me on the styles we’ll be recreating. Then I’ll pick the perfect senior dog, we’ll style ’em up and we’ll see how the look stacks up. The first look that I asked Luke to give me advice on, Billie Eilish.

[Luke] With Billy, It’s always big. It’s always puffy. It’s always large and in charge. So you have to make sure that you create a sort of bodacious silhouette.

-[Rocky] This is Bernice, She’s got her eye on the ball. And I gotta tell you, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dog at a shelter that is as good at fetch as she is, watch this.

Look at her! Look at that focus! She’s got a natural raw talent! I think she would be a perfect Billie Eilish. We’re gonna play a little dress up here for a game, and so we can see if it’ll help you get adopted.

It’s so baggy, it’s almost hard to put on because there’s so much. Am I even doing this right? what I can’t figure out is the front and the back. It’s so big I was putting it on sideways! We’ll let her check this out first, so she’s not scared of it. Check out that green bandana, That’s gonna represent her green hair.

I would like to present to you, Billie Eilish! Bernice is ready, I can’t wait to show her outfit to Luke. Show her some love by hitting that subscribe button! Turn on those notifications and hit that like button! Let’s see what Luke thinks.

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-[Luke] Okay. So we have the graphic mentality down there. It definitely has some fun sort of motif’s, very animal-centric. Honestly, I’m not super duper mad about this. I’m giving Bernice 10 out of 10!

Another fashion moment and star that you must, in my opinion, discuss is Kanye.

-[Rocky] I see my tab going up right now, because a pair of Yeezy’s are already expensive enough, and so to buy two pairs of Yeezys, I don’t know about this one.

Alright so we’re going to find a Kanye. So we need a dog with like spunk in personality. And look at all these guys, hi. Oh man! There’s a lot of good pups in here! Who would be a good Kanye? Whoa look at that guy! Dude that’s a Gumby right there! Oh, Gumby could pull it off for sure.

-[Luke] Sweat pants, sweat shirts and beige and a darker beige and a lighter beige. There’s a lot to sort of pick from when it comes to Kanye.

-[Rocky] You okay if we dress you up, buddy? I got a cool style and booty for you. This hoodie right here was $23,000. Check these out! So they’re not done yet, I gotta spend some time and, and make them right. But these right here, we can turn into Yeezys for Gumby. Everybody make some noise for Kanye West!

-[Luke] Oh my! Okay. I liked this Yeezy preview. Did you make those?

-[Rocky] Yeah, custom made.

-[Luke] This to me, channel the early era of Yeezy. Which people in fashion will not give credit where credit is due, but it was very iconic. Definitely changed how a lot of people dress. I’m giving this a solid, 14 out of 10.

-[Rocky] Also I think its really important that I say that not all dogs like being dressed up. With each dog that we work with, we made sure they were okay and if any point during the process they didn’t want to do this then we didn’t force them to, or if they didn’t want to put on a certain piece of clothing or they didn’t want to wear shoes then we wouldn’t make them.

The point of this video was to give them attention. Some dogs really love that attention and also get them attention. But I can’t do it without you, we’ve got to spread the word so we can help these dogs get adopted. So hit that like button! And at the end of the video comment down below I want to know which recreation you liked the best and which one we should do next time.

Okay, another one I’d love to do, Megan Thee Stallion. This sweet little girl right here is Francine. This is our hot girl summer song. She’s sweet, she’s confident.

-[Luke] Megan Thee Stallion is all about body con. She is the icon, the starter, the legend of hot girl summer. So we want to make sure that this is fitted, it exposes the beautiful aspects of this puppers gorgeous body.

-[Rocky] She’s classy! She’s sassy! She’s Savage! Megan Thee Stallion!

-[Luke] Oh my Gosh! Oh my gosh! Okay, So is this based on the most recent Grammy’s look? The orange dress with a bow in the back? Okay. I’m seeing that immediately. And also at the same time, I liked the faux fur stole

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-[Rocky] Did you see the little diaper? Yeah, she’s a senior gal, so if she wets her pants It’s okay!

-[Luke] A good stylist is always prepared for what their client needs. They anticipate the need before it even happens. You’re one step ahead of your client and I liked that.

-[Rocky] A little peepee or a little poopoo on this fashion show and you’re gonna slow everybody down.

-[Luke] I’m going to give this a very solid 13 out of 10.

-[Rocky] I don’t want to leave out my country music fans, anyone in that genre we could use?

-[Luke] I mean, I count Lil NAS X as a country star.

-[Rocky] Okay, we got Dylan here and Dylan is the perfect Lil NAS X. I mean, he’s funny, he’s warm, he’s just teeming with personality, and the thing is he’s available for adoption! A lot of times people will say, well I’d feel really bad if I adopted a senior dog, I don’t know if I could go through that, but it really is an awesome experience, And remember you’re doing it for the dog!

-[Luke] I mean, also he did reference an iconic Versace collection and that full pink cowboy experience with BDSM sort of attaché.

-[Rocky] I present to you, Lil NAS X!

-[Luke] Oh! Okay! – Okay?! – Listen, I need to know what’s the concept here. Cause I’m getting a little bit of like the Christopher John Rogers green, Lil NAS X red carpet look, and it’s not Dylan’s fault, Dylan can’t help what Dylan was put in, we have one more persons opinion here.

-[Rocky] Who? Who is it? Who did this?

-[Luke] This is like a Lil NAS X threw up all over a dog. Out of respect for you, I’m going to give you a solid seven.

-[Rocky] What about Prince? McGraw’s going to be a perfect Prince. And here is why, because we needed someone bold and McGraw is tough. Right? And also I talked to him and he said he would love to add a little fashion to his life right now.

-[Luke] Prince is amazing. I mean, obviously purple. I think it’s one of the most amazing sort of go-to’s that’s very easy rock. You can knock that out of the park.

-[Rocky] Give me kiss. Come on, I just want your extra time, and your kiss! You know him! You love him! Hit that like button! Prince!

-[Luke] Oh yeah! Okay. I see it right off the bat. The purple! You have that! Sheer fabrics a hundred percent breaking gender norms. McGraw is doing it! I am in love! I’m going to give McGraw and his purple rain experience a solid 13! The other important one that we must discuss, Cher!

-[Rocky] This right here is Chip. Now Chip was actually surrendered because unfortunately his parents died. Now, I asked Chip if he wanted to participate, and he said, no problem, if it helps him to get adopted, but if he can get adopted with his brother, Stewie, that would be best! And he doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to dress him up as Cher because I needed this black hair just like Cher’s black hair to really fit with the outfit.

-[Luke] It’s been, I don’t know, decades upon decades of beautiful Cher fashions. I mean, you can just go through the whole experience of Bob Mackie, her iconic costume designers work and sort of see fringes full sort of feathers, sheer experiences. That gonna be hard for you.

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-[Rocky] And now, Cher!

-[Luke] Okay. Okay. Is it Cher? Is it? You might’ve seen pictures of Cher walking around topless with just a skirt on that’s fine. That’s cool.

-[Rocky] I think it was more in the execution here than anything. All right, give me the rating on this one. -[Luke] I’m going to give you three out of 10 Rocky, but Chip, a solid 12 because that strut? I saw it. That’s a, that’s a Sonny and Cher show kind of movement and I respect it.

-[Rocky] This here is Loki and I’m really excited about Loki because Loki is excited about life! But I thought he would make the perfect lady Gaga because looking at him, he’s a little monster! Oh! look at that!

-[Luke] Lady Gaga, I mean, you can’t not think about her wonderful stunning looks. I mean, from the meat dress, you know, there’s so many different aspects of Gaga’s work from the Versace era to the new Valentino era.

-[Rocky] Lady Gaga! Our next artists needs no introduction, lady Gaga!

-[Luke] This take on the meat dress, highly respect. Cause honestly, I don’t know how you can have a dog wear something that it wants to eat. I’m going to give this a solid 12 out of 10. And honestly, the last person under the fashion umbrella I think we should discuss is Rihanna.

-[Rocky] I have a very special dog here that I thought would be perfect for this meet Cardi B! No joke! Frosted Faces Foundation named her Cardi B. So Rihanna is a powerhouse, she is spunky, but she’s also endearing, and so Frosted Faces Foundation said that Cardi B would be perfect for that because it’s a lot of attributes that really fit her.

-[Luke] I think that there are a lot of dogs that would be lucky to wear some iconic brand moments.

-[Rocky] And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, let’s show some love to Rihanna!

-[Luke] Oh my God! For shame! I am obsessed. This is the most beautiful recreation of a globe fae gown I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m giving this a 16 out 10.

-[Rocky] You have seen some fails, you have seen some outfits and recreation’s that really pull through. I would love an overall rating. Would you hire me as your apprentice?

-[Luke] Honestly, Rocky, Yeah, I would! Listen, was it all perfect? No, but not even Christian Dior made all perfect things. So I think that the majority of these looks, you got!

-[Rocky] Now that you mentioned it, I think you’re right! I’m going to send you my resume, I want everyone to make sure they go check out these dogs. I’m going to put the link down below, they are available for adoption and make sure you go subscribe to Luke, HauteLeMode, his channel, he’ll keep you up to date on all of the fashion. I’m going to put one of his videos right here, and if you want to see more videos of some awesome dogs available for adoption just go right here!

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