Your Dog’s Horoscope for 2023

The doggie zodiac holds the key to understanding how your pup will behave during this eventful month. See if your pup’s personality matches their sign and which zodiac best describes your furbaby.

Before we jump in, here’s a quick rundown of January 2023 and some fun activities you and your furbaby can partake in:

  • Until January 29, 2023, Venus is in retrograde, so you may notice that your dog is a bit quieter. Organize a fly-ball race with other pups to get your dog excited again.
  • The New Moon on January 2 may make your dog more laid-back. A long walk in the park will keep your pooch engaged and joyful.
  • Mercury retrograde extends from January 14 to February 3 and might cause confusion and frustration for your pup. A long run or rollerblading are fun ways to get some exercise and fresh air.
  • The full moon will make your dog want to go for longer or more frequent walks. Besides increasing fluid intake, offer your dog fresh food and interesting treats to stimulate their senses.

Aries Dog (March 21–April 20): Aries Dogs Love Action

Aries horoscope

The mischievous antics of your carefree furbaby will keep you on your toes this month.

Because of the new and full moons in January, you may find yourself sprinting around the park or backyard, trying to keep up with your goofy dog. You’ll want a pair of walking (running?) shoes that are more accommodating for your feet.

  • Lucky treat: Scrumptious sprinkled donuts
  • Symbol: Ram, recognized for their tenacity and bravery in the face of danger
  • Compatible with: The steady elements found in Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius which balance the chaotic side of this canine
  • Strengths: A surplus of vitality that will keep you fit and happy too
  • Weaknesses: Their can-do mentality might lead to wandering; therefore, these pups must be kept busy most of the day
  • Famous dog: Frankpugan, Pooch, belonging to Piper Rockelle, an actress, dancer, and singer

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Taurus (April 21–May 20): Taurus Dogs Love to Plod

Taurus horoscope

These Earth sign puppies enjoy indulging their tummies, especially when there are so many snackalicious treats available.

My recommendation is that you make sure your Taurus hound gets enough exercise this month to counteract any overeating. Taurus puppies may become even more sluggish in January as Mercury goes retrograde, and petting your dog is a wonderful way to keep them relaxed. They’ll catch the vibe and want to snooze in your lap all day long.

  • Lucky treat: Nose-catching delicacies for their delicate sniffington
  • Symbol: Bull wants to eat their cake and have it too
  • Compatible with: Incredible Cancer, dreamy Pisces, and cool Capricorn
  • Strengths: Taurus dogs are loyal, compassionate, and patient. They also adore youngsters, making them ideal playmates for young children
  • Weaknesses: Bashful and desirous of safety, they become stressed and upset if there are loud noises and too much bustle
  • Famous dog: Harley Davis, pup owned by We Are The Davises, a well-known YouTube family channel

Gemini (May 21–June 20): Gemini the Split-Personality Dog

Gemini horoscope

You’ll be after your cheeky pooch this January because Gemini dogs are full of mischief. Mercury retrograde in mid-January, on the other hand, may send your puppy into a playful frenzy. Something to look forward to, don’t you think?

  • Lucky treat: Meaty treaty jerky
  • Symbol: Twins, known for their strength in adaptability as they have two personas
  • Compatible with: Strong-willed Aries, watery Aquarius, and lovely Libra
  • Strengths: Adhere to the rules and have a good sense of order
  • Weaknesses: Fussy eater, which is why you should try hand-feeding your dog (as with Virgo pups)
  • Famous dog: Zeus Shepherd, an Aussie German known for his dashingly good looks

Cancer (June 21–July 20): Cancer Dogs Are Emotional

Cancer horoscope

If you own a Cancer pooch, this January will have you frequently rubbing and comforting your baby.

You can show your pup how much you care during the Venus retrograde period. Ear rubs, for example, can improve the mood and well-being of your Cancer furbaby. Take your dog for new walks, and give him lots of scrumptious treats.

  • Lucky treat: Delicious peanut butter cookies
  • Symbol: Water, governed by feelings
  • Compatible with: Terrific Taurus, pretty Pisces
  • Strengths: Emotional support pups with a pleasant disposition and a lot of love to give
  • Weaknesses: These pups are terrified of thunderstorms, but ear rubs have the magic touch to relax
  • Famous dog: Kernel the Great Dane, a therapy and service dog

Leo (July 21–August 20): Leo the Domineering Canine

Leo horoscope

Leo furbabies were born for the glitz and glamour! They take pleasure in being the center of attention as well.

This January, pamper your Leo pooch because they love the ‘soft life,’ such as a day at a dog spa where they may be massaged and groomed to help them get through this busy month.

  • Lucky treat: Apple, to keep the vet at bay
  • Symbol: Lion, with goofy behavior like tail chasing and passionate wailing
  • Compatible with: Loveable Sagittarius, witty Libra, and sassy Gemini
  • Strengths: Always in good health because they enjoy entertaining
  • Weaknesses: Acts like a King and hence require a great deal of care
  • Famous dog: Griffin Frenchie, well-known for his ASMR-themed food videos

Virgo (August 21 – September 20): Virgo Dogs Love to Help

Virgo horoscope

The Virgo dog is a champion under pressure, so January will be a breeze for them.

These puppies are always willing to provide a helpful paw and follow you around. This month, take your Virgo dog on an adventure since they adore being outside.

  • Lucky treat: Doggy candy pup-tarts, a tasty reward for your pooch’s good behavior
  • Symbol: Virgin, an expert at coping under pressure
  • Compatible with: Devoted Taurus, ambitious Capricorn, and charming Scorpio
  • Strengths: A natural follower of instructions who learns quickly
  • Weaknesses: They are notoriously picky eaters for such a dominant canine, which is why you should try feeding your dog by hand
  • Famous dog: Hulk the Dog, the world’s largest Pitbull

Your dog horoscope

Libra (September 21–October 20): Libra Dogs Love Balance

Libra horoscope

Libra dogs are all about balancing the various aspects of their lives.

You may help your Libra pup thrive by getting them a friend this month if they’re currently living alone. Having another pooch as a partner in crime is the Libra dog’s favorite way to spend their time.

  • Lucky treat: Double biscuits will provide a bit of comfort
  • Symbol: Scales, kind and delightful. Yet to feel safe, these doggos need more love
  • Compatible with: Lounging Leo, giddy Gemini
  • Strengths: Peaceful, friendly, and incredibly attractive
  • Weaknesses: Overly sentimental, easily scared, and aren’t fond of being alone
  • Famous dog: Tofu the Corgi, Instagram famous for her wacky sense of humor and outgoing personality

Scorpio (October 21–November 20): Scorpio Pups Never Forget

Scorpio horoscope

Always be on your best behavior around a Scorpio dog, as they are notorious for remembering everything.

The retrograde in January may not affect your Scorpio dog’s impressive self-mastery, but these pups still need a lot of love and attention. Giving your dog extra affection, reiterating your love for them, and teaching them new tricks will strengthen your relationship.

  • Lucky treat: Salmon or any toy that improves their cognitive abilities
  • Symbol: Scorpion, these canines get what they want and strongly influence other doggos and humans
  • Compatible with: Sentimental Cancer, enchanting Pisces
  • Strengths: Unbelievably magnetic and enticing
  • Weaknesses: Barking, particularly when weary. These pups need of a lot of love and care
  • Famous dog: Stacy The Chihuahua, a sassy TikTok star known for her glamorous appearance

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Sagittarius (November 21–December 20): Sagittarius Pups Are Versatile

Sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius doggos are both passionate and impatient at the same time. To keep your dog from being overly concerned this January, try taking them on an exciting adventure or providing them with a variety of entertaining toys.

  • Lucky toy: A flirt pole will keep your dog amused
  • Symbol: Archer, always a believer
  • Compatible with: Glamorous Leo and mischievous Aries
  • Strengths: Very passionate
  • Weaknesses: Because this dog is easily bored and impulsive, you’ll need a variety of games and tricks to keep him entertained
  • Famous dog: Tinkerbelle The Dog, a Papitese social media superstar and model known for her dapper looks

Capricorn (December 21–January 20): Capricorn Dogs Are Ambitious

Capricorn horoscope

This is a month for Capricorn pups to run free and wild.

Do not keep your Capricorn puppies cooped up inside all day. These dogs don’t sleep much and prefer to run around and get some exercise.

  • Lucky treat: Any treat that contains cbd or hemp oil, to relieve anxiety
  • Symbol: Goat, which may as well mean the greatest of them all
  • Compatible with: Accomplished Scorpio and devoted Taurus
  • Strengths: Fiercely loyal and ambitious pooch
  • Weaknesses: You need to buy your dog indestructible toys because Capricorn pups get bored quickly and can chew through a lot of toys
  • Famous dog: Milo Conte, cute, family-friendly Toy Goldendoodle, known as a celebrity pet on Instagram

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Aquarius (January 21–February 20): Aquarius Dogs Adore Attention

Aquarius horoscope

Puppies born under the sign of Aquarius have a keen sense of timing. They appear to understand when to leave the room and when not to bother you—like when you’re reading a guide like this.

Aquarius pooches are sweet, attention-loving, and affectionate. This doggo is a real treat to be around. Because this pup is so extroverted, get a wide variety of treats, games, and tricks ready.

  • Lucky toy A flirt pole will keep your dog amused
  • Symbol: Water Bearer, for being unpredictable
  • Compatible with: Astute Geminis and inventive Sagittarius
  • Strengths: They’re kind, thoughtful, and excellent listeners
  • Weaknesses: Extremely clean; an Aquarius doggo will enjoy a peaceful relationship with you if you keep your home spotless, but they may struggle in a chaotic environment
  • Famous dog: Pawfect Penny, a funny and uplifting star whose videos, coupled with pop music, have made her a household name

Pisces (February 20–March 20): Pisces Pups Yearn for Serenity

Pisces horoscope

The Pisces dog has a dreamy demeanor and desires nothing more than peace and harmony. They abhor any sort of hostility or bad energy and are very sensitive to emotions.

Pups born under the sign of Pisces are known for their empathy, compassion, and sensitivity. Playing with and petting these puppies will show them that you care.

  • Lucky treat: Use food-dispensing toys to make your pooch work for their food
  • Symbol: Fish, which gives your doggo a magical sensitivity
  • Compatible with: Bold Capricorn, dedicated Taurus, and sentimental Cancer
  • Strengths: Deeply committed to their families and fiercely protective of them
  • Weaknesses: Excessively sympathetic and empathetic in all aspects
  • Famous dog: Oliver the Dog, a playful pup that loves to travel


Your dog’s horoscope might help you better understand, care for, train, or just get to know him. But remember that nothing in this dog zodiac is set in stone.

It’s possible to learn a lot about your dog’s personality, or even estimate when they were born, by studying their zodiac sign. This can be especially helpful if you’re dealing with a rescue dog.

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”
Gilda Radner

Note: These horoscopes provide SILLY astrological information for entertainment purposes only. Do not make real-life decisions based on this information.

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