Pregnant Dog that Was Shot 18 Times & Lost an Ear Becomes a Certified Therapy Dog

Content Warning: Descriptions of Animal Abuse & Violence Against Animals

Pregnant Dog that Was Shot 18 Times
Source: @MaggieTheWunderdog

Unconditional love is perhaps one of the top reasons many of us love our dogs. Never judgemental or unsupportive, our dogs will love us through thick and thin and can teach us a lot about how we ought to treat each other. Maggie the Wunderdog is perhaps the world’s best example of this lesson, and I’m excited to be able to share this incredible story with you today. 

Maggie’s life started in Lebanon, and while it’s impossible to know exactly what she went through in her first years, it’s not hard to imagine what a difficult life she must have faced. 

In 2018, on one fateful day in Beirut, a 5-year-old Maggie was discovered tied up and actively being abused. Before bystanders were able to intervene, both of Maggie’s eyes had been gouged out, her jaw had been broken, and she had been shot at least 18 times with a BB gun. The abusers were in the process of attempting to sever Maggie’s ears from her head when her rescuers stepped in. 

Dog that was ahot 18 times
Source: @MaggieTheWunderdog

Taken in by a Lebanon-based rescue organization, Maggie was healed physically and prepared to fly to England, and her new home. Anxiously awaiting her arrival was her soon-to-be mom, Kasey Carlin, a dog behaviorist who had heard about Maggie online through Wild at Heart Foundation.

Expecting to meet a broken, timid dog, Carlin was surprised to find that Maggie was an instant ray of sunshine. “There’s this little blond dog kicking her feet up high…the first thing she does when she meets anybody is she runs into them and rubs her body on them like a cat does. My brain couldn’t even process it. She’s just so friendly,”[1] said Carlin of the first meeting. 

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Despite her sweet, loving personality, Maggie’s road to recovery has not been easy. According to Carlin, Maggie suffered from terrifying nightmares, and she would wake up to the pup screaming in the middle of the night. While the nightmares have subsided four years on, Maggie’s trauma will undoubtedly impact her life forever. 

Pregnant Dog that Was Shot 18 Times
Source: @MaggieTheWunderdog

Carlin credits part of Maggie’s recovery to her love of meeting new people and other dogs and has been able to help Maggie channel that energy into a positive activity they both can participate in. 

Today, Maggie is a therapy dog who visits seniors and people with memory disorders, and her regulars absolutely adore her. Maggie is also an anti-bullying activist, who works with her mom to teach police officers, firefighters, and kids about the importance of kindness and love for one another. 

If you’d like to see more of Maggie the Wunderdog make sure to check out her Instagram @MaggieTheWunderdog. You can also visit Wunder Dog Rescue to learn how you can adopt or support abused dogs with physical differences. 

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