Dog Loses His Mind Over Surprise Grandparent Visit

Over the river and through the woods, to grandma’s house this puppy went and he couldn’t have been more excited!

In a viral TikTok video shared by Skylar from their handle sky.q, Nosh, an Australian Cattle Dog is whipped into squeaks and whines of excitement at the mere mention of their roadtrip destination. 

@sky.q The other video got a “sensitive content warning” because of the end… but why?? ? #repost #dogsofttiktok #dogs #australiancattledog #blueheeler #acd #heeler #cattledog ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

It begins with Nosh sitting calmly, but alert, in the backseat from owners Skylar and Deko as they embark on a 20-hour drive between Phoenix and Kansas City, Missouri. As far as Nosh knows, this is a simple but long car trip as the family moves house across the country. A tough ride for anyone’s patience, man or dog, until a surprise reveal.

“Nosh, do you want to go see Savta and Boppa?” Skylar innocently asks in the viral video which has over 4 million views. Savta is the Hebrew word for ‘grandma,’ while Boppa is what the poster’s nieces call ‘grandpa.’, and Nosh couldn’t make it more clear they knew exactly what they meant.

First a cocked head look or confusion, almost as if saying “are you SERIOUS?”. Then a paw reached tentatively forward, “oh my gosh, I think they’re SERIOUS.”. Finally, whines of pure joy and licks of gratitude at the realization, yes, we are going to grandma and grandpa’s house. And apparently that cattle dog’s emotional display lasted the entire last five minutes of the drive but Skylar and Deko are familiar with it, seen grinning and laughing along in the video as Nosh whips himself into a wiggling, squeaking, and polite barking bundle of anticipation.

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“He always reacts like this to his grandparents… Whether it’s been months or only a few hours since he has seen them last.” Skylar explained to Newsweek.

Australian Cattle Dog’s are known for their keen intelligence but expressing excitement at seeing a human they love after a long absence is not unique to the breed. The internet is full of “coming home” videos from members of the military upon meeting their dog for the first time after a long deployment, with their canine’s reaction very similar to Nosh’s backseat revery. The everyday, average dog owner has experienced it as well as one comment put it:

“That happy whine when a pup sees someone after a long period of time…Contagious tears of joy.”

“We decided to record because we knew he would go wild,” said Skylar. “We wanted to send the video to my parents.”

There’s been no update on how Nosh’s visit with their grandpawrents went, but experts assume the pup was spoiled rotten.