This dog and cat love each other but it didn’t start out that way!

Video Transcript

Matthew Sobol (Rylee & Oskar’s Owner):
It’s really funny to see a dog like nudging as she would a human for pets and for rubs.

Dog (Rylee) nudges his head on a cat (Oskar)

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
Oskar and Rylee might be best buds now, but it didn’t start that way.

Oskar, we had him for three years already. We’re around a lot of other people all the time who had dogs, he would, uh, very quickly like put them in their place because he’s very fast and kind of strong. He’s about 16 pounds. I don’t know if you can tell, but he is a pretty big cat.


It was awkward in the beginning when we had Rylee coming home to meet Oskar. We didn’t really know how it was gonna go and Rylee was a little yipee biting a lot. So when we introduced him to Oskar at first, they kept their distance.

Being a puppy, she had no manners, no like getting to know each other. It was just straight I’m gonna attack you, bark at you…. What is this big creature?

Rylee when he was a puppy

But luckily Oskar being around so many dogs in the past, he was just like, what are, what is this thing? Do you think that I’m afraid of him? Because he thinks I’m afraid of him and I’m definitely not afraid of him.

It wasn’t too long before these two became inseparable.

After probably two months, I would come home and they would be either like snuggling each other on the couch or completely like entwined with each other underneath the bed. Or one time I caught them; one of my workout bands was wrapped around Oskar’s head and around his stomach and Rylee was just like pulling him around the room, like a leash that Oskar being kind of the dad type who’s gonna come in and like clean you and stuff and Rylee being completely attention deprived. It was like the perfect fit.

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Rylee & Oskar

Now when we don’t have the ability or the, you know, eagerness to scratch her and pet her and stuff, she’ll go over to Oskar and nudge him and Oskar can sit there and lick her eyes and lick her ears and clean her out a little bit. And as long as she’s getting some attention, she’s good. So it helps it’s, you know, it’s a symbiotic relationship.

It’s incredible how these two found each other and have bonded despite their obvious differences.

It speaks a lot to how they were raised. They were just given a lot of love. Rylee’s not trained super well, but she does give excessive amounts of love in cases. And same for Oskar being that he never left our side or anything like that.

Rylee and Oskar

It’s really funny to see a dog like nudging as, as she would a human for pets and for rubs to a cat. And just like to just bury his head into the ground because it’s a 60 pound dog and a 20 pound cat and the dog’s just trying to get love, but it’s simultaneously like smashing his head into the couch, but then Oskar’s just like, all right, get off me and then we’ll just lick his hand in this paw. And I think that’s just the, the cutest thing that they just kind of take care of each other.

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