Could This Happen to YOUR Dog? Marrow Bone Mishap Goes Viral “I’ve Only Seen This Once Before” Says Vet Removing Wedged Bone

Pet parents are often left feeling helpless when their dogs are sick or injured. While some things are beyond our control, others are not. Sometimes, even the most well-intended actions can end in ways we could never have dreamed. (Watch Full Video Below)

Marrow Bone Mishap

This is a situation no one wants their beloved pet to be in. Although many of us have heard the warnings about giving our dogs bones before, no one would’ve guessed doing so could look like this.

This must’ve been a terrifying situation for this dog’s parents. A veterinarian from The Kelsey Canine Medical Center shows us how this good girl ended up with a bone stuck around her lower jaw. Despite trying, the vet couldn’t loosen and remove the bone with manual manipulation. Instead, they needed to sedate her and then cut through the bone on both sides to release it from her jaw. Thankfully, this skilled veterinarian could make the incisions and remove it without further incident. Except for a sore jaw, her mouth and teeth looked good, he reports. He cautions, “This is one reason those cow or swine femurs are not the best. It does occasionally happen, I’ve seen it once before.” 

Marrow Bone Mishap

Dangers of Marrow Bones

Unfortunately, dogs getting a marrow bone stuck on their lower jaw is not as uncommon as we would hope. Incidents like this one, and others involving bones are reported by veterinarians worldwide. 

The St. Petersburg’s Animal Hospital & Urgent Care reported seeing two similar cases only days apart. In both instances, they could not loosen the bones with manipulation, so each dog required sedation to remove the portion locked on their jaws. They advise if this should happen to your dog, don’t pull the bone. Instead, remain calm and call your veterinarian or local animal hospital. Another potential danger posed by these treats can be an intestinal blockage if they are swallowed whole or when large pieces are broken off. Broken teeth can also be a concern.

bone marrow stuck on dog's jaw
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Ways to Keep Dogs Safe When Giving Treats and Bones

  1. Always provide direct supervision.
  2. Monitor their favorite bones and toys to ensure they are not broken down into small pieces that may be swallowed and cause blockages.
  3. Ensure that you are giving your dog a bone/treat/toy large enough for their size.

Thankfully, the medical professionals from @kelseycanine took the time to provide us with this important message. It will undoubtedly help to prevent others from being in the same situation.

See this dog’s unplanned visit to the vet in this video from January 4.

FAQs About Marrow Bone Stuck on Dog’s Jaw

What should I do if my dog gets a marrow bone stuck on its jaw?

Stay calm and don’t try to forcibly remove the bone, as this could cause injury. Offer comfort to your dog to keep them calm. It’s important to contact your veterinarian or an emergency animal clinic immediately for professional assistance.

How can a marrow bone get stuck on a dog’s jaw?

Dogs often chew on marrow bones, which can slip over their lower jaw and become lodged behind the canine teeth. This is more common with round marrow bones.

Is it dangerous for a dog to have a bone stuck on its jaw?

Yes, it can be dangerous. It can cause panic, difficulty breathing, and potential injury to the mouth or teeth. Immediate veterinary attention is necessary.

Can I prevent my dog from getting a bone stuck on its jaw?

To prevent such incidents, avoid giving your dog round marrow bones or bones of a size that can slip over their jaw. Opt for larger, irregularly shaped bones or safe chew toys designed for dogs.

How do veterinarians remove a stuck marrow bone?

Veterinarians might use sedation or anesthesia to relax your dog and safely remove the bone. They will use tools and techniques to minimize discomfort and prevent injury.

What are the signs that a bone is stuck on my dog’s jaw?

Signs include pawing at the mouth, drooling, distress, inability to close the mouth, and visible bone stuck around the lower jaw.

Should I try to use tools to remove the bone at home?

No, using tools at home can cause more harm. It’s best to leave this to veterinary professionals who have the right equipment and expertise.

What are the risks if a marrow bone is not removed promptly?

Delayed removal can lead to increased panic, potential injury to the mouth, dehydration, and in severe cases, breathing difficulties.

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