WATCH ? Cats Reacting to Being Sat On By Dogs

Believe it or not, if you’re able to capture your cat’s reaction to being sat on by a dog, you may rack up thousands of hits overnight on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

dog sitting on cat
Dog sitting on cat

But why do certain dogs like to sit on cats? Does it all depend on the breed? To be honest, this trend is quite puzzling, and I’m not sure I can be the sole judge behind what makes this trend so hilarious. Your dog may be trying to assert dominance over your cat, or perhaps they just see this as a silly game.

As I sifted through a bunch of hilarious cats reacting to being sat on by dogs, I noticed how many views were on some of these videos. The Internet seems to be fascinated by this trend! And I completely get it. It’s a funny thing to witness online, and I’m sure it’s just as funny in real life.

I guess many pet owners filmed their dog sitting on their cat right at the moment it happened. So, let’s take a look at a few viral videos that depict this funny situation. 

What Did Luna Do?!

Originally uploaded by @lindsaycurtis1 on TikTok, this TikTok from 2021 shows her dog, Luna, going to sit on her astonished cat. At the time of writing, this video had 5.6 million likes on TikTok.

The TikTok user’s caption reads: “I know my dog did not just sit on the cat.”

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In the clip, Luna heads over to her big circular dog bed. The owner’s gray and white cat is already sitting in the middle of the bed and dozing off. Without a second thought, Luna climbs onto the cushion, spins around, and parks herself right on top of the cat. 

As the camera zooms into the cat’s startled reaction, you can’t help but laugh. Besides, the cat took over Luna’s bed! I guess Luna just wanted to recover what was hers instead of sharing it with the cat.

So who’s really at fault here? The assertive dog or the bewildered cat?

Murphy and Nunnie

From a website called Rumble, user JudeTheFrench uploaded a video of a Jack Russell puppy named Murphy sitting on Nunnie the cat. 

At the beginning of the clip, the curious, innocent puppy is cuddling with the cat at the foot of the bed. All seems normal, if only for a short moment. 

Suddenly, Murphy walks over to Nunnie’s head and proceeds to sit on her! Poor Nunnie. The pet owners are laughing so hard at this unexpected situation that the camera shakes. It seems they can’t believe this funny incident is happening right in front of their eyes. 

As if to look for the cat, Murphy turns around while sitting on Nunnie. Finally, Murphy climbs off the cat’s face and notices that she was under him the whole time. Imagine that! Then, Nunnie the cat reaches her paws up, seemingly calm and understandably puzzled. 

But Murphy still wants to play with his fur sibling! With a wagging tail, Murphy circles Nunnie a few times until the bonus ending, when he falls off the bed! 

Oops, Didn’t See You There

Initially posted by LADbible on Facebook in 2018 with over four million views, this viral video appears to be captured from a webcam. 

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In the clip, a German Shepherd dog casually parks its posterior right on a cat’s head. This dog appears entirely uninterested in sharing its bed with the cat! Go figure.

As the viewer, you’ll observe that the cat is completely squashed under this giant dog and tries to wiggle free from under the dog’s heavy weight. After several seconds, the German Shepherd finally moves off of the cat and proceeds to relax on the cushion without a care in the world.

After the incident happens, the cat looks up at the webcam as if to say: “Do you see what I have to endure?”

Here are a few more hilarious videos of the dog sitting on the cat.