Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Albertville, Alabama
  • Pet's Age : Mature adult
  • Pet's Breed : bull Dog
  • Pet's Gender : Male
  • Pet's Size : large
  • Pet good with other pets? : No
  • Pet good with kids? : Yes
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : it would depend on how far it is ! we are currently looking to find transports!

Tucker is one of the strongest, kindest, carefree dogs you and I will ever know. It wasn’t always this way for him, when we at the shelter met him, he was so emaciated a small child could have lifted him; he had so much worry, sadness, and fear behind those eyes it could make the strongest person weep.

He could barely stand on his own four paws, let alone think about wagging his tail. Yet, today he stands proudly, knowing he can run and play as much as he wants, he doesn’t fear he will ever be hungry again, and he just knows someone will see he has enough love to give to his new forever home! It’s time for tucker to have the home he has always deserved! If you would like to give Tucker his forever home, please message us on Facebook or call us at 256-960-6623!