Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Somerset, california
  • Dog's Age : puppy
  • Dog's Breed : staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Dog's Size : medium
What do you get when you cross a Cattle Dog with a Staffordshire Terrier…you get a Taz! This 8 month old boy is Mr. Personality. He loves all people and all dogs but can be a bit clueless with dogs who don’t appreciate his enthusiasm.
Taz came to rescue as a tiny baby and didn’t grow much until he was about 4 months. He was under nourished and his development was slow at first but he’s catching up quickly. He has been with rescue since November 2021. He’s a healthy, happy boy now, sleek and glossy. He’ has the Staffy joie de vivre and the ACD’s work ethic. The boy definitely needs a job as a runner’s companion, agility, nose work or something that challenges his brain.
Taz loves the world. He likes kids but isn’t a good choice around toddlers or young ones  because of his activity level…he will knock them down without meaning to. He rides well in the car, will crate quietly and is super eager to learn. He’s getting basics in obedience but still has no attention span for training anything that requires him to sit still and focus. Run and Play…that’s another thing. He loves to romp.
Taz is clicker trained and started in North American Sport Dog hunting (has a puppy title) and in disc dog. He is a great agility, disc dog or dock diving prospect. He loves water.
On top of all that, he loves to cuddle. He will nap on your lap while you watch TV or read. The boy has a nice off switch.
If you’re looking for a super bright, super active, play partner, check this boy out. Available to performance sport and active lifestyle homes only. More information at