Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Yamhill, Oregon
  • Dog's Age : mature
  • Dog's Breed : australian Cattle Dog
  • Dog's Gender : Female
  • Dog's Size : large
  • Dog good with other dogs? : Yes
  • Dog good with kids? : No
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : Yes

Hi, my name is Stella. I’m six and a half years young and I’ve got a whole lot of life ahead of me still. I am a lot shy and anxious when you first meet me but, give me some time and patience though, and you will find that I will warm up to you and we can build such a great relationship together.

I often find myself awake in my crate at the crack of dawn ready to start my day. I really enjoy hikes and stay near you most the time. Occasionally I pause because something smells so good. Just call me though and I will be right back at your side. I do at times get a little anxious with new things, that I haven’t already tried. When this happens, I just need you to make it sound exciting and, encourage me, until the end. I always love to hear your approval when I am done.

In my down time I enjoy taking naps or, just hang out quietly next to you. Say the magic words, “You want to go outside” or “You want to go for a walk” and I will jump up and head straight to the door to wait for you. On my walks, I do well on leash but may need reminders to heel as I forget to stay at your side in the beginning.

I know my commands and, I recently lived with a trainer for many months that guided me on the path to being a good girl. Sometimes, when I am anxious, I need an extra reminder of what it is that you want me to do. Loud noises and quick movements can startle me, so I dream of a single person or maybe a nice couple that will adopt me and give me a quiet active life. Young children make me nervous but, I do well with older boys and girls and it’s a big bonus, on my end, if they play fetch with me.

My foster mom and dad have all sorts of animals. I still have never met this thing called “the cat” but I smell her and hear her from time to time and I give no reaction. One of the big kids brings their guinea pig out in the living room, with them some nights, and I enjoy laying down and just watching this funny looking creature run around and squeak. When it comes to chickens, they make me so excited! I just want to chase them and herd them if I get the chance. I have heard my foster parents talking about the farm life is not for all. I suspect they were talking about me.

If you are looking for a silly, enthusiastic, cuddly, smart as a whip and, cute as a button, red head, then I am your girl!