Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Los Alamitos, CA, california
  • Dog's Age : young
  • Dog's Breed : doberman Pinscher
  • Dog's Size : large

Kali Mae is a female dobie born 10/2021. She is a very pretty girl, already over 50 lbs so she will likely mature at around 60 lbs. She is shy with new people and especially men. She is good on the leash, just needs more confidence building and loves walks/runs. Someone with bigger dog experience and time to socialize/train is best for this girl she needs exercise/structure/training. She bonds quickly and is super loving and good with other dogs. She is playful and loving and loves playtime especially when it involves water/hose. She does have Von Willebrands, which is common in dobies and may not affect her life much at all. You would not know she had it if we didnt test her before her spay. Here is more info:

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