Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Brookings, oregon
  • Dog's Age : senior
  • Dog's Breed : pitbull
  • Dog's Size : large

Jenkins is a laid back kind of guy. He is a neutered male senior Bully mix. He was saved by Southcoast Humane just in the nick of time as a California shelter was giving up on him. He came in scared but some volunteers worked hard to network him and a foster was secured in California. Jenkins spent a month with this foster family who had 5 other dogs (mostly female) and two kids age 11. He weaseled his way into this family’s hearts and he will do the same for you. He would carry their Crocs around in his mouth all over the house. He never destroyed the shoes just wanted to play tug of war with them.

He loves walks on the leash but he is not to be trusted off leash or you will be chasing him down the block. On leash however he is such a gentle walker. He heels so nicely the slightest tug on his leash and he goes where you lead. He sits and shakes paw. Just a touch though he doesn’t like it when you grab his hand for long, he is sensitive about his paws. He loves hotdogs and meeting new people with treats is a must because he is weary of new people.

Once the treat is given you are in though. Instant besties. He thinks he is a lap dog and will give you kisses like crazy. He loves couches and prefers to sleep on them. He loves toys and tug of war is his favorite game. Please meet Jenkins and give him a chance to win your heart. He is so deserving of a plush bed and cozy retirement. Adopt Jenkins!