Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
  • Dog's Age : young
  • Dog's Breed : pitbull
  • Dog's Gender : Male
  • Dog's Size : large

One-year-old Hades was transferred to Antietam Humane Society in August 2021 and is now looking for a place to call home. This big hunk is as vocal and playful as they come and loves to talk to staff whenever anyone passes by his kennel. Hades loves running around the yard and playing fetch with stuffed toys, and when he gets tired he enjoys sprawling out in the shade while getting scratches until he is ready to run again!

This bouncy pup does need to work on his leash manners and basic training so a patient owner willing to work with the energetic guy would be the perfect match. Previously, Hades was returned to the Parkersburg Humane Society due to not getting along with the other dog in the home; the AHS staff believes he would be fine in a home with another canine as long as the other dog was female and had similar energy to Hades. A home with children use to large dogs would be a good fit for this bouncy guy as Hades is not use to being around children and does not realize yet he needs to be gentle when playing. This big boy has been with us for almost a year and we know his forever home is out there for him! If you think this big goofy guy could be the perfect pooch for you, come by the shelter and meet him today or apply online at 

 Hades is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations.