Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Portland, oregon
  • Dog's Age : puppy
  • Dog's Breed : pitbull
  • Dog's Size : medium

A sweetheart. That is what Ginny is. She looks through you. Straight to your heart. She wants you to love her and only her. And in return, she will love you. ALL of you. Very people friendly, but choosey when it comes to canine friends. She is brave and shy all in one. She has medium energy. She is content at home patrolling the yard and gets the zoomies a few times in between her day. She’s more of a walk on the beach dog running after the ball rather than the city. But she’s so great, she will do whatever you want her to do. As long as it’s not for too long. She likes to enjoy things in short spurts. Ice cubes, chase and love are just about her favorite things. Ginny is spayed and fully vaccinated and ready to go to her furever home If Ginny could be the perfect addition to your home, please submit an adoption application on our website: