Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Delaplane, Virginia
  • Dog's Age : senior
  • Dog's Breed : yorkshire Terrier
  • Dog's Gender : Female
  • Dog's Size : small
  • Dog good with other dogs? : Yes
  • Dog good with kids? : Yes
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : Up to two hours from the rescue in Delaplane, VA

It’s hard to find the words to express how sweet and special Addie is, but we’ll try! Firstly, this wonderful little lady should not be spending her life in a rescue. She needs to be in a home!

Addie has a heart of gold. Despite not being able to use her hind end, this adorable senior lady is as happy as can be! In 2019, Addie started to lose control of her motor skills in her hind end. The owner’s vet said it was related to her spine, but no diagnosis explaining the cause of paralysis was determined. Addie eventually lost the full function of her hind end and was fitted for a wheelchair.

Due to her paralysis, Addie is also incontinent (having no control over urination and defecation) and wears a diaper when necessary. We also put her on Wee Wee Pads and/or a waterproof cover/sheet to keep her living space very clean and dry. Addie will need her bladder manually expressed at least once a day to help fully empty it. She does dribble urine throughout the day as well, which is why a diaper comes in handy. It’s also important to change her diaper frequently (every 3-4 hours) to keep her clean and dry. Practicing good hygiene is very important. Applying a water barrier ointment, and/or baby powder as needed helps prevent or treat urine scalding and diaper rash. Please always consult your vet before applying/using anything new or if irritation occurs or persists. UTIs are very common in incontinent dogs, so paying close attention to her urine is important, as well as communicating with your vet, and scheduling checkups.

Addie loves people and other dogs! It’s impossible not to fall in love with her friendly, outgoing personality and how cute she looks (and how good she is) getting around on wheels. Addie was surrendered to us because her owner is living in a long-term care facility, and could no longer care for her. The owner’s step-daughter did right by Addie and took her in (when no other family members would and suggested euthanasia) until she could find her a new home or rescue.

Understanding Addie will require extra care and support due to her special needs is paramount, but her love of life is so pure, and other than being paralyzed, she’s healthy. When you take her on wagon rides, her heart is full of joy, just seeing that sparkle in her eyes- cue the happy tears!

If you’re able to give Addie the love, care, and the life she deserves, fill out an adoption application on our website for this angel on earth!