Kobe is blind. I let him play with a toy that is awesome for blind dogs

10 Best Toys for Blind Dogs on Amazon

I've fostered multiple blind dogs and know what works...so I’m sharing this list of toys that are fun, stimulating, and available on Amazon! 
Cloudy eyes dogs

7 Serious Causes of Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

While there are many possible reasons for cloudy eyes in dogs, some conditions can be prevented, or at least treated, if you catch them early on.

Blind & Deaf Senior Dog Protects Lost Toddler for 15 Hours!

Not being able to find a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, so when 3-year-old Aurora of Queensland, Australia disappeared from her home, her family was understandably terrified. 3-Year-Old Gets Lost In Wilderness Aurora had wandered off into the bushland, an enormous expanse of wilderness […]

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Your Dog’s Horoscope for 2023

Your pup’s name is in the stars! Get a glimpse of what your dog's horoscope has in store for them this January. Which way is this month going to go?